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Simple Motivation Boost: When You Feel Like You Haven't Made Any Progress in a Foreign Language

Here is a little trick or hack when you are feeling unmotivated or you feel as though you are not making any progress in your foreign language. It may seem counter-productive, but it works.

Watch a movie or an episode of a TV show in a language you have never studied and do not understand at all (with subtitles of course). It should still be something entertaining that you would enjoy watching, but could not understand at all without the help of subtitles.

Then, watch a movie or TV show in the foreign language you are studying (preferably one that you have studied for some time) and see what happens.

After you have been studying a language for a while, it is easy to forget how much you have actually learned because you tend to concentrate on everything you do not understand rather than how much you really do. Watching a film where you understand absolutely nothing, followed by a film in a language you do understand helps you realize how much you actually do know (and reminds you what a foreign language sounds like to everyone else) and this gives you a great boost of confidence and motivation to continue to learn more.

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